So fresh and so clean by Lisa Vaccino.

Elevate Talks: Lisa Vaccino

Lisa Vaccino is a Stockholm-based art director and artist. Her work is a perfect combination of nostalgia, the everyday and little details that produce an unconventional and calm feeling. She produces real paintings in 2018 and that’s quite a deal. And this is not it, she also works with ceramics and takes objects of her works of art into real life.

My name is Lisa Vaccino or fredagvaccino on Instagram. Fredag means Friday in Swedish and that’s the day of the week that I paint. Two years ago I decided to work four days a week to get one day off to do what I love the most, paint.

Cutting gym class with class by Lisa Vaccino.

Detailed yet naive.

I paint in my little kitchen so I don’t think you would find that picture very exciting, sorry.

Day before payday by Lisa Vaccino.

Good I guess. I don’t have anything to compare with, I have only worked here. Except from when I was an au pair in London, which was horrible. No I’m joking, kind of. Stockholm is nice. It’s small but creative.

At the moment it’s more of a hobby but in the future I would love to paint Monday to Friday. I don’t expect anything, I’m just happy that some people seem to like them.

I started to work with ceramics on an evening course. I felt like I wanted to do some of the details from my paintings for real, like objects you could actually use. My Lidl house for example is also candle lantern and my Bic lighter a vase. In the future I want to do more ceramics. I just love it.

Ceramics by Lisa Vaccino.

In the beginning painting was a way for me to get some creative space without clients, budgets or limited timeframes. Now I would say that social media is probably an 8. Or maybe a 6. I don’t think it’s that important but it’s an interesting way to see what people like. I love the fact that my Instagram has become my private gallery where I can show my latest work whenever I want.

Knock knock it’s your birthday by Lisa Vaccino.

My urinating friends, the shoplifter and “Cutting gym class with class”.

My weapons of choice by Lisa Vaccino.

Realism, small towns, nostalgia.

To actually do this, paint one day a week. I was so scared when I made the decision. I mean I really wanted to accomplish something, show my colleagues that it wasn’t just a silly thing I wanted to try. I needed to do this.

Then I’m a mother of three! Omg, it’s crazy. But hopefully, I’ll get some time with my pencils now and then.

Asthma with a view with you.

Hopefully painting more then one day a week.

I think everybody has seen it by now but I have to say the TV series Gomorra. It’s the best TV series I’ve ever seen. It’s so realistic and brutal yet so beautiful. I just love the photo and the music in it. And if you like to dance to Swedish electronic music I can recommend my brother Familjen and his latest record “Kom” :)

Windows of opportunity by Lisa Vaccino.

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