Luz Verdadera by Ana Galvañ.

Elevate Talks: Fosfatina Ediciones

Fosfatina is an independent publisher specialized in doing incredible things. Incredible comics, incredible fanzines and incredible video games. We talked with its passionate editor and responsible Rubén Romero. You better get to know Fosfatina right now. They have major projects going on and huge ideas for the future.

Who’s behind Fosfatina Ediciones?

I work hand in hand with Editorial Elvira, who provide us with tremendous logistical support. Currently we have expanded our activity creating a new business unit which focuses on the art and craft of video games. José Garnelo participates as an animator, Nico Casal as a programmer and Xavier Núñez as a composer.

Pages by Óscar Raña and Conxita Herrero in the comic anthology by Fosfatina HOODOO VOODOO.

Why is it called “Fosfatina”?

How’s a typical work day at Vigo?

Other days I have to supervise the office work, billing, contracts, legal and commercial aspects, distribution and contact with bookstores. We work according to each day’s needs. We always have some fixed tasks such as social media diffusion. Currently I combine all these tasks with the requirements of the production and development of video games.

Teen Wolf.

Which is the criteria you use in order to choose who or what to publish?

El Matatenias de Pepa Prieto Puy y Oriol Segarra

How do you organize the year in terms of publications? Do you have everything planned out since January? Or is it flexible?

Currently, we have set specific dates each quarter, according to the industry events and festivals. We try to match new book releases in dates that are close to these huge events.


When did you start producing video games? How did you come up with that idea?

It turned out that between the four of us we had the technical characteristics to undertake development, an animator, a programmer, a musician and a producer. The idea arose spontaneously and naturally in a meeting, we realized that and it seemed to us that betting on this type of art was the most sensible thing to do . We had nothing to lose and, at the end of the day, in the worst case scenario, we would have created our own video game.

Page by Sergi Puyol HOODOO VOODOO.

Could you tell us what is Saucer-Like about?

It seeks to make the user a participant in its history. The image, the sound and the script convey a particular atmosphere of an unknown universe, halfway between the dark fantasy and the twilight surrealism of certain stories by Michael Ende. It’s an animist fable. A reflection on the role of the individual in society.
Yanagi is a teenager who wakes up one morning knowing that he will face the most transcendental day of his life. With a divided heart, he’ll have to make an irrevocable decision which could unite him or separate him from his clan forever.
Meanwhile, the rest of the villagers deal with this same decision and the consequences it will have on them. For once the inevitable ritual begins, there will be no turning back.
The game experience is focused on interactive narration, proposing an experience that connects with modern references of the genre such as “Amnesia: a machine for pigs”, “Gone home” or “The vanishing of Ethan Carter”, combining the narrative preciosity of these works with the paused and reflective tempo of the genre. This rhythm is optimal in order to provide the player with a gradual immersion in this world and its poetics.

It is also an experience designed to be played in just one sitting, with an estimate duration of 3 hours.


On a scale from 1 to 10, how important is social media for you?

If you had to build a top 3 of your best works and projects, how would it be?

HOODOO VOODOO Fosfatina’s comic anthology.

What is the Spanish comic scene missing?

Perlas Del Infierno by Begoña García-Alén.

What is the next step for Fostafina Ediciones?

We are also preparing an erotic publication in which we intend to bring together the work of photographers with a very artistic and particular look.

At the same time, in our spare time (which isn’t too abundant), we are preparing a project to introduce ourselves into the apparel world, taking artists with whom we have worked with to collaborate in the fashion arena.

We are doing this without leaving aside our main activity which is the contemporary comic book edition. We are about to release “Grundfunken” by José JaJaJa, while Cynthia Alfonso and Óscar Raña work in their respective editions that will come out in the last quarter of this year.

Grundfunken by José Jajaja.

What would you like to be doing 5 years from now?

Bonus track: Could you recommend any TV series/ comics/ movie/ song/ artist/ etc?

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