With minimal programming notions (and sometimes not even that) we can build web pages for our business, automate processes or create mobile apps.

New products are useless if they don’t fill a need. With no-code prototypes, you can quickly test your idea without a massive investment.

Normally, an entrepreneur that doesn’t code needs to spend money, and maybe even raise it, to hire developers. Today, there are hundreds of people bolting together various online services to create webs, apps, MVPs, and prototypes without coding.

The key moment of every digital product creation process I’ve ever worked on occurs while prototyping. If you have to define new product features, sell your idea or raise funds, you need a prototype. In this article, I’ll break down four prototyping tools that are making my life easier.

Last week I finished reading How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell. The book caught my attention because of several reasons: 1. Great title 2. Beautiful cover 3. I’ve read a really interesting interview with the author on Offscreen magazine. Then I realized it’s already a New York Times best-seller. She began writing it after this Medium essay got viral.

If you’re building a digital or physical product, working on a business model, or defining an innovation project, a Design Sprint will make things easier for you. It’s a kick-off process that will allow you to validate ideas and compress months of work into a few weeks and guarantee you and your team are on the right track.

Over the past couple of years, the rise of the no-code movement has started to change the landscape of tech. Designers can now build powerful apps and webs that can scale for any organization — without writing any code. Let’s take a deeper dive into no-code software and no-code tools.

We had the honor of sharing the day with Jeff Gothelf and Jake Knapp and we thought it was fair to make a post about Lean UX and Design Sprint and explain the effect they had on product design.

Real­-time Communication:

  • Slack for a chat powered workplace.

Josefina Blattmann

Partner at PMA — Communication, No-code, Branding, Marketing & Digital Product (https://www.pmalatam.com/). Hit me up at josefina@pmalatam.com

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